Why You Have Not Made a Dime Online Yet
Why You Have Not Made a Dime Online Yet

Why You Have Not Made a Dime Online Yet

You will make money. This is not only a fact, but a guarantee! The reason why you have not yet made a dime, Is because you have not yet mastered a system. Making money is a system. And if you are in tune with that system. Even when the Spirit is weak to magnet money, and the flesh is also weak to attract money. Money will magnetize itself to you. This is not a fact, but a guarantee! What system do you have to master?

It is so simple that even a child can apply it. I won’t beat about the bush.

Let’s take an example,

You are very hungry, you go to an eatery and they serve you pain killers and a glass of water or typically, even though you are a vegetarian and you were served chicken, only to discover the only food they serve is Chicken soup, Now tell me, if you would settle for that? Why? They are not serving you what you want/your need.

It is so simple, the rule of making money is GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT AND THEY WILL EQUALLY GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT. You cannot sell beauty products to men, same way, you cannot sell shaving sticks to women.

You must sell the right product to the right person. Find a Market (Need) if you are not experienced enough, below are the following ways you can serve the niche (market, need) you have found.

– Do a Joint-Venture with someone who is skilled, knowledgeable or more experienced about the subject matter you are dealing with. – Research the subject matter on the internet, there are information about every topic known to man that could be found free. – Better still, go and learn how to do it yourself by going to schools, symposium, seminars or training that gives special training about the subject matter.

Any option above is a win/win situation. You don’t only win, but every party involves wins: You win by achieving your needs met. The joint-venture partner(s) wins by helping others with his products and at the same time building a strong business relationship with you. The Market wins, by getting exactly what they want.

The distinguishing factor between success and failure is a thin line.

Why you are not making money is either because you are not serving the right market or you are not serving any market at all. To beginning earning online, you must by start serving a Niche – and follow the principle – THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR THE RIGHT PERSON.

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